When doctors seek to work abroad they are usually required by their new regulator to provide a Certificate of Good Standing (CGS), or sometimes referred to as “letter of good standing,” as part of a range of evidence, to prove their registration status, fitness to practise and their ‘standing’ or ‘good character’ as a healthcare professional.

Almost all of the healthcare regulators use CGS, as a means of sharing information on those who seek registration abroad. However, the level of detail required varies from regulator to regulator.

Please refer to the below FAQs regarding obtaining a certificate of good standing from your country of origin.


A letter of good standing is required from

  1. Current and past employers (letter of employment)
  2. Licensing authorities which issued your current active or past active licenses
  3. Relevant authority in your country that issues letters of good standing to its citizens (citizen’s certificate of good conduct)
This depends on the requirements of the employer or institution you are applying to. Typically, employers and work license issuing authorities (such as those in the Middle East) will require a written letter of good standing regardless of whether this can be verified online or not. This has to be from the authority which issued your license.
A letter of good standing from an employer (sometimes known as a ‘letter of employment’) must state something similar to the following:


To Whom It May Concern

Re: [Applicant’s Name]

This is to confirm that [applicant’s name] [license number if any] was employed at [facility/institution name] as [applicant’s title] from [mm/dd/yyyy] to [mm/dd/yyyy] and remains in good standing with no disciplinary actions. If you have further questions please contact [name or telephone of contact].

This must be printed on official company letterhead and signed by the issuer.

A police clearance certificate may be required in order to apply for an employment visa in the country in which you seek to work.
Letter or certificates of good standing must be no older than 6 months from date of issue.

If you have further questions about the process of obtaining letters of good standing, please refer to your recruiter. Please refer to the below reference links in how to obtain a citizen’s certificate of good standing (or police clearance certificate) from your country of origin.