Healthcare facilities are always undergoing changes, either through expansion or through change of services. Therefore, hospitals must allocate resources for clinical capital planning for facilities within their organization’s program and their strategic priorities.

AMI can provide

experts that can evaluate healthcare facilities
clinical planning in all areas where clinical services are delivered
optimized delivery of clinical outcomes and in healthcare facilities development.
We can help you understand the implications of trends in the organization and delivery of health care services and develop alternative solutions and establish priorities among capital projects that address current problems and future flexibility.

Healthcare organizations are increasingly challenged when it comes to properly utilizing resources, improving care and reducing costs all while trying to achieve operational efficiency. We provide various services to implement and improve Hospital Operations including, but not limited to the following:

Joint Commission International (JCI) accreditation, or formerly known as Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO), is an independent organization in the United States that evaluates and sets Hospitals Accreditation Standards for healthcare organizations.

The organization operates a more stringent evaluation for hospitals in the United States and a set of standards designed for International institutions.

AMI Healthcare operates the facilities we manage under Joint Commission standards and we aim to take hospitals that are not accredited to full accreditation.

AMI Healthcare has acquired extensive experience in the many areas of Human Capital over the years which allows us to offer our services in the following:

One of the many challenges facing healthcare organizations today is how to improve their Human Capital Services and enhance employee satisfaction all while reducing day-to-day operating costs.

Our comprehensive hospital human capital management services are designed to develop and implement effective HR best practices that supports your business strategy.

We help eliminate time-consuming processes, and reduce and control functional costs so that you can free up internal resources for other important commitments and focus on your business core.

We also aim to help achieve and maintain organizational conditions that enable innovation, increased profitability and high performance.