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International Hospital Operations Management

Design-Build-Operate-Hospitals and turnkey management

AMI Healthcare International Hospital Management services prides itself on the vast experience we have gathered in many years of working in the international healthcare industry. This experience allowed us to build our know-how and subject matter experience in various aspects of international hospital planning, healthcare consulting, healthcare commissioning, human resources management. Our international hospital management services provide out partners with the expertise needed to successfully develop, implement and run hospitals of various sizes and configurations. We understand that healthcare is a changing process which requires constant adjustment with science and technology to achieve better outcomes for patients and to constantly aim for a better healthcare delivery.

Designing a Smart Hospital that includes Building technology, medical technology, science and subject matter experts are needed to work in concert to provide for better treatments, achieve better outcomes and apply better safety in the delivery of healthcare.

In teaming with healthcare designer and architects, expert companies in various aspects of building and technology, we create smart hospitals that integrate clinical intelligence, use hospital artificial intelligence, use digital technology and multinational team experience.

Smart Hospitals are not digital hospitals.

Smart hospital design incorporates smart digital technology, robotics, artificial intelligence and healthcare practice. They use data to perform better and achieve better outcomes. Modern technology enables the transition to become better and advanced in healthcare delivery, drive treatment plans and clinical pathways.

They integrate medical and nursing practices, utilize digitized asset tracking, more effective human resources management and better operational efficiency that will drive and direct better performance, have a better utilization and are more cost effective.

Achieving full integration of the various factors into the smart hospital will ensure the desired better outcomes and are the factors for excellence in healthcare delivery.

Healthcare Services Planning
Hospital Operations Management
Human Resource Management
Full-Spectrum Services

Healthcare Services Planning

We help our clients turn a project idea into a feasible plan that can be put into action.

  • Clinical Planning

  • Facility Planning

  • Financial Modeling

  • Market Research & Feasibility
  • Medical Equipment Planning

  • Project Design Development

  • Space Planning

  • Strategic & Operational Planning

Hospital Operations Management

We can provide commissioning, operation and management of new and existing hospital and healthcare facilities internationally.

  • Clinical Management

  • Construction Project Management

  • Facility Management

  • Hospital Commissioning & JCI Accreditation

  • Hospital Operations Management

  • IT & Health Information Systems

  • Materials, Supply Chain & Procurement

  • Quality Management

Human Resource Management

We offer staffing solutions, talent search and acquisition, staff retention and training, human resources management and more.

  • Contingency Search

  • Executive Search

  • Education & Training of Staff

  • Human Resources Management

  • Medical Management

  • Performance Management

  • Staff Recruitment & Retention

  • Revenue Cycle Management

Full-Spectrum Services

We can provide the entire spectrum of services from initial planning, design, build, construction and operations management.

  • Design

  • Build

  • Operate

  • Transfer

Why Choose Us

In today’s dynamic healthcare environment, organizations are facing ever-more opportunities and challenges in an industry that has become increasingly complex and competitive. Overcoming these requires exceptional talent with an in-depth understanding of all aspects of the provider market, including hospitals, hospital systems, physician groups, and nursing among others.

At AMI Healthcare, we have made it our specialty identifying major healthcare issues facing organizations and developing pragmatic solutions to fit their needs. Our long-time presence on the international healthcare scene has gained us a reputation for attracting and sourcing outstanding talent in all areas of healthcare and beyond, and the ability to bring together the experts in all the developmental phases of a project. Together, we build custom solutions for delivering high quality healthcare management while providing a unique service delivery and personal touch with each client.

We can provide you with the right leadership to deal with the rapid changes occurring in the global healthcare industry.

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